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Students will get to see and appreciate the prismatic qualities of light by using this diffraction grating spectroscope kit.

This simple to build high-precision unit includes a transmitted-light diffraction grating with 1000 lines per mm. It allows the investigation of different types of light from the continuous spectrum of incandescent bodies  such as the sun or a light bulb, to the line spectra of fluorescent lamps including a scale of brightness. Complete with diffraction grating, a magnifying lens (f +120 mm) and nanometer scale. The deviation compared to a professional spectrometer is less than 3%.

White light can be separated into all of the colours of the spectrum by a prism or a diffraction grating. The spectroscope is an instrument used to observe this colour separation. It uses a diffraction grating with a narrow slit in the front through which light enters and is separated into the spectral colours. The diffraction grating is a plastic film with 900 grooves per mm which breaks the light down into its colour components.

Intricate and precise spectroscopes are used by astronomers and other scientists to investigate and chart the properties of stars and other glowing objects. The spectroscope can be used to examine the properties of continuous and bright-line spectra from various sources of light.

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