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Portable Van de Graaff Generator! - Touch the Fun Fly Stick to the foil and watch the foil instantly expand and float. Wizards of all ages have now an incredible opportunity to get a real levitation wand of their own. Five special flying toys are included in the set. Mesmerizing levitation is captivating for everyone observing. Enjoy levitating incredible metallic-looking shapes and learn physics in the process without even realizing it! Illustrated full-colour Magic Wand Manual provided with the set offers tons of tips and tricks for becoming a better wizard. This static (van de Graaff) generator amazes adults and children alike, and is the perfect static electricity demonstration for any classroom. Simply touch the FunFlyStick to the Mylar FunFlyers, and watch them instantly expand and float. Inside the Fun Fly Stick is a moving rubber band, which creates a static charge on the wand. When the wand is touched to the Mylar shape, this charge transfers from the Fun Fly Stick to the Mylar. Because like charges repel, the Mylar instantly expands and floats above the Fun Fly Stick wand. Includes 5 flying shapes and an illustrated full-colour manual. Requires two AA batteries (not included). One trick I like to do is turn it into a real Van de Graaff generator by replacing the cardboard tube with an empty soda can. Its necessary for an adult to widen the opening in the can (where the ring pull was) a little, using e. g. the shaft of a screwdriver, so it'll fit over the FFS at the end opposite the handle. Make sure the copper contact touches the can, turn on the FFS, and you can draw out sparks up to 1cm with a knuckle or the back of your hand. Its quite safe and painless, though of course the can opening needs to be done by an adult.
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