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About Us

Curious Minds is an online science shop featuring a wide range of science, nature, space, & technology products, toys, kits, and gifts for the science enthusiast. Our range is vetted for scientific integrity by our helpful & friendly scientifically trained staff. We have chemistry sets, electronics kits, glass prisms, gyroscopesNewton's cradles, orreries, praxinoscopes, solar radiometers, solar system models & mobiles, triops, & much more • When you talk to or email us, you will be talking to one of our fantastic team who have a vast knowledge of the science products we sell. We return your calls. We make sure you get the best service we can offer. We go the extra light year for you!

 ♦ "Full-spectrum science for everyone, from amateur biologists to young zoologists""Not only are the toys really excellent quality, fun and educational, but the staff are really helpful and the service is top notch"

Our History

Curious Minds was started in 2004 from a garden shed. We have moved on a little since then and now occupy a real shop and warehouses. It's grown up stuff! As a passionate and trained scientist, I am very proud of the range of science kits and equipment we have sourced through Curious Minds, it gives us so much pleasure when we find another gadget which we think our customers will enjoy and the quest never ends; we look forward to years of discovering the very best of science kits and equipment on behalf of our world-wide customers.

We select our products very carefully, paying close attention to the scientific details. For example, we have tested many different brands of toy orrery (motorised solar system models) and found that in half of them the planets orbit the wrong way (should be anti-clockwise as seen from North). If we find errors we let the supplier or manufacturer know. If they won't fix it, we won't stock it.

We hope that you will be totally satisfied with the quality of our products. If you aren't - please let us know! We are always keen to ensure that our products and service are the best they can be! Equally if we are missing something which you feel should be a part of our range, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

We're proud to have supplied products to:

We'd like you to feel as comfortable in our online shop as you would in our physical shop, and to know that we not only know our products, but also the subjects they are concerned with - be it science, technology, or nature. If you want to know if a product is suitable for a certain age, or for learning about some subject - don't hesitate! Call us on 01436-670806, email us (orders[at], or send us a letter (address follows) - whatever you're comfortable with!


112 West Princes Street
Argyll & Bute
G84 8XD

Telephone number:


Wendy Hamilton (BSc, PhD)


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