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A self-assembly abstract molecular model of a 12-layer (1 turn) double helix of DeoxyribonucleiAcid featuring the major and minor grooves. Each high quality plastic moulded shape is colour-coded designed to represent the nitrogenous bases, pentagonal sugar and pyramidal phosphate components and the number of hydrogen bonds are represented by the pegs forming the base pairs. Contains 12 Nitrogenous base pairs: 6 Thymine (orange) 6 Adenine (blue) 6 Guanine (green) 6 Cytosine (yellow) 2 Polynucleotide side-chains: 24 Ribose (red) 24 Phosphate (purple) 1 stand 1 support rod 12 spacers 1 cap Assembly instructions The finished model is 24cm by 11 cm. The approximate scale is 1cm = 2 Angstroms. This product is not a toy and is intended for educational use only.

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Advanced mini DNA model - Molymod

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