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4M Kidz Labs Bubble Science

4M Kidz Labs Bubble Science Blow a giant bubble, an unbreakable bubble, a bubble film and more. Appreciate the simple beauty of bubble geometry, bubble art and bubble sculpture. Play lots of bubble tricks and learn the science of bubbles while having fun. The ultimate bubble science kit! Impress everyone around you by forming a huge variety of different bubbles using this inventive kit from Kidz Labs. Children can utilise the bubble frames to have fun with bubble geometry, create an unbreakable bubble or use the thread and wands to create huge bubbles that can be a metre long! Don't worry if the bubble mix runs out as the kit includes recipes for mixing your very own high quality homemade bubble solution. Contains bubble tray, plastic ring, coloured yarn, pyramid framed wand, cube framed wand bubble solution, 2 giant bubble wand stoppers, mouthpiece, star wand, round wand, 2 clip on wand handles, 2 giant bubble wand sticks, 2 long straws, detailed Instructions. More Details

4M Kidz Labs Cosmic Rocket - Powered by vinegar and baking soda

4M Kidz Labs Cosmic Rocket - Powered by vinegar and baking soda A hands-on rocket launching science kit for the whole family to enjoy. When vinegar is mixed with baking soda inside the rocket body, a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) is formed. When the chemical reaction continues to take place, more and more CO2 is produced inside the rocket. Up to the point where the cavity of the rocket cannot hold any more of the gas, the gas accumulated will escape from the bottom of the rocket, resulting in a “thrust” which forces the rocket to fly. Your cosmic rocket works by using the exact same principle of motion science as a real rocket with both demonstrating Sir Isaac Newton’s law of motion. Find more fun scientific experiments inside the kit and learn while having fun at the same time. More Details

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