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  • Why Lego Is Such A Brilliant STEM Toy

    Lego Is Great For Learning

    LEGO is one of the world's most popular toys, and there's a good reason for that. The coloured blocks from that famous Danish company are unique in their ability to appeal to children and adults alike. From the very young to the old, the appeal of LEGO is quite universal; we all love it! But while adult fans of LEGO exist and are a quite prolific market for the company, children are still their main market. Lego is in essence, a toymaker -- but the company manages to create both wonderfully entertaining toys, as well as educational ones. Often in the same product! In this article, we will explore why we think LEGO is such a good educational toy.

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  • Hero's Spectacular Steam Turbine

    Almost two thousand years before the world entered the industrial era, Hero, a Greek inventor, invented the Steam Engine! Continue reading

  • The Wonderful World Of Dice

    Dice are useful little devices used for generating random numbers, shake the dice and roll, there you have your randomised numbers, assuming of course the dice aren’t loaded. A typical dice today is a cube shape, usually with softened edges and dots etched and painted on each side. The opposing faces will always add up to seven, so for example; three will face four, one will face six, two will face five.

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