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Discover the world of DNA!

Get started with this great Genetics and DNA kit from Thames & Kosmos. Let your child dive into the fascinating world of biological inheritance and genetic engineering with this comprehensive kit. Your child will learn about dominant and recessive genes, the components of cells, the biology of reproduction and even breed their own bacteria.

Furthermore this kit allows your child to see genetic materials, investigate inheritance and how traits are passed down, and even crack genetic codes to further learn how nucleotides fit together. A comprehensive and exciting kit, it is available from as little as £22.99.

DNA_RNA model kitWhy not give your child a life-size example with this great Advanced Mini DNA Model from Molymod. Available for as little as £28.80, this DNA model will help your child understand and assembled a 12 layer, double helix of Deoxyribonucleic acid. Each moulded shape is colour-coded and numbered, with the number of hydrogen bonds being represented by the pegs that form the base pairs.

Another great model available online is the DNA-RNA Model Kit from Orbit. It shows the five bass in red, green, blue, grey and white. The sugar rings are represented in black, phosphate groups in red and yellow tubes join these two.

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