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Exploring Worms and Insects

In the spirit of keeping curious minds ever more curious, we want to introduce you to our fascinating range of educational toys and tools to help your kids explore the minibeasts of the garden.

Send the kids on an expedition through the garden with the Bug Safari Kit (from £9.99)! With professional quality equipment, your children will be able to catch, study and identify the bugs they discover in their own backyard. Great for kids of the ages of 5 and up, it includes instructions on how to use the equipment and a chart to help them identify the mini-beasts they capture.

Bugs World Bugs World - Collection of 10 Real Insects

Dig into Worm World (available from £14.99) and discover how these creatures go about their daily activities. Included in the kit are instructions on how to catch your own worms, plastic housing, tunnelling materials, a worm order form and colour instructions! Discover the different earthworm species – over 2 700!

If you child is inquisitive about insects, the Bugs World Kit (£29.99) is ideal. Containing 10 different insects, preserved in transparent resin blocks, a magnifying glass and information booklet, it is a great way to re-discover creepy-crawlies.

Also available: Spider World (£9.99), Insect Tower (£9.60), Miniland Ladybird Tower (£9.00), Ant World (£14.99), Bug Barn (£13.98) and Ladybird World (£9.99).

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