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Fun and Educational Electronic Kits

SpyTech Electronics KitThis week at Curious Minds we want to introduce you to our fun and educational electronic kits available on our online store. All of these kits are great learning tools that will help your children work with and understand electric circuits and currents.

First up on our list of electronic kits is the Spy Tech Kit from Logiblocs. A spectacularly fun kit, this Logiblocs kit enables children to build up to four different intruder alarms with voice warnings, lie detectors, metal detectors and even pressure-activated security mats.

Alarm Tech Electronics KitThe Alarm-Tech Kit lets you construct light and touch sensitive sensors, great if you combine it with other Logiblocs kits. You can also use this kit in treasure hunts and even light tag games. The possibilities are endless and the creative fun non-stop.

The big boy of the Logiblocs kits is the Super Inventor – a kit containing 33 electronic blocks, wires, jacks and so much more. A great way to introduce your child to electronics and computer science, this kits allows them to build an endless range of alarms, space ships, lie detectors and even sound detectors.

Primary Plus 2 Electronics KitFor the beginner in the home our Electronic Learning Circuit is ideal. Your child will be able to build colourful circuits with electric building blocks and learn how electricity really works. Using the ElectronX building system, this kit will enable your child to safely build and ply with circuits.

Also available is the Primary Plus 2 Electronic Kit, from Cambridge Brainbox, and the Explorer 2 Electronics Kit.

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