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Fun with the Sun!

Enjoy the last days of summer in the sun with great educational toys from Curious Minds!

Green Science Solar ScienceThe sun is able to generate huge amounts of energy through combining hydrogen nuclei into helium. Know as nuclear fusion, why not let your child explore the awesome energy of the sun with this Green Science Solar Science kit! Your child will be able to build working models of a solar oven and even a solar water heater! Hours of great fun, this kit is available for as little as £9.95 on our Website!

Solar Power _ Photovoltaic Energized VehiclesFurther exploring the power we can generate from the sun is the Solar Power - Photovoltaic Energized Vehicles kit. Your child will be able to build various working models, including a bulldozer, helicopter, single-prop plane, twin-rotor helicopter and locomotive, all solar powered.

The sun produces what is called a solar wind. This solar wind contains electrons and protons which escapes the sun’s gravity simply because of their high kinetic energy and the heat of the sun’s corona. Planets, such as the earth, have strong magnetic fields and are able to deflect most of these particles.

Our Navigation Science kit will teach your children how to read compasses, maps and even learn about navigation using the sun and stars. A great kit that will teach your children Stars and Planets science kitto answer simple questions, like what do when you are lost, through hands-on experiments and observations.

If it is astronomy your little one is interested in, our Stars & Planets science kit is ideal. Including a wide range of experiments, your children will also be able to build their own solar system, launch a rocket and even test to see which planets are able to sustain life.

Motorised Solar System and PlanetariumA Solar Eclipse takes place when the moon moves in between the sun and earth. Why not make this easier to understand for your children by using a solar system simulator, like our Orrery Solar System Simulator or our Motorised Solar System and Planetarium.


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