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Great Chemistry Sets Thames & Kosmos!

CHEM C1000 chemistry setThe CHEM C1000 Chemistry Set is perfect for the beginner and will help build a very strong foundation in chemistry and expose your child to a broad range of chemical phenomena. Containing a total of 125 hands-on laboratory experiments, this set starts with the basics of chemistry and introduces not only the famous chemists, but how to set up their lab space and handle their high-quality lab equipment.

CHEM C2000 chemistry setYour child will learn about the physical properties of various fluids, electrolysis, litmus solutions, air pressure, surface tension and even how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The CHEM C1000 Chemistry Set includes an 80-page, full colour experiment guide, 125 experiments,  professional quality equipment and is available for as little as £43.20.

The CHEM C2000 Chemistry Set is for the intermediate user and contain everything the CHEM C1000 set does and more. With a total of 250 experiments, including electrochemical reactions and combustions, your child will also learn how chemistry is used in both industry and environmental protection.

Furthermore, the CHEM C2000 Chemistry Set lets your child explore the chemical and physical properties of water, oxygen, carbon dioxide as well as discover molecules and atoms. A great set for children from the age of 11 and up, this Chemistry Set is available for as little as £94.99. It includes professional quality equipment, including a alcohol burner, and a 128 page, full-colour guide.

CHEM C3000 chemistry setOur CHEM C3000 Chemistry Set is our most advanced chemistry set and includes all the CHEM C2000 components plus dozens more tools, chemicals and lab equipment. With a total of 333 experiments, this set allows your child to delve deeper into chemical theories and formulas.

The CHEM C3000 Chemistry Set explores advanced subjects in the field of chemistry such as the periodic table, atomic structures, chemical equations and chemical bonding, preparing your child for both high-school and college level chemistry courses.

Suitable for children of the ages 12 and up, our CHEM C3000 Chemistry Set is available for as little as £159.99 and includes over 90 pieces of professional equipment, a 192 page, full-colour experiment manual and a total of 18 chemicals.

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