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Some Genes Remain Active After Death

genes active after death The discovery that some genes continue to express themselves after death is fascinating

Scientists have discovered that some genes remain active after death of the human body. The story is a fascinating one and well worth a read here. From the perspective of forensic science the discovery of actively functioning genes, post death, is a significant development in aiding the accurate timing of a death. Currently the time of death is estimated based on various rigors and analysis of liver temperature and eye fluids. The margin for error in all cases is broad, meaning current methods can only be used to give a broad time of death. If the activity of genes post death can be classified accurately, it means that an accurate time of death can be established.

Apart from the obvious implications for forensic analysis, I find it fascinating to realise that some genes continue to function for a significant period of time after we die; a little bit of us insists on living on. It makes me smile.