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Molecule Kits for Students and Teachers

Our online shop offers a wide variety of tools and aids to help curious minds understand and explore the wonderful world of science and chemistry. This week, we want to focus on our extensive range of molecule kits, designed for students, teachers and enthusiasts.

For students, we recommend the Organic Student Molecular Modelling Kit (£28.99), comprising of 14 Carbon, 8 Oxygen, 9 Halogen, 4 Nitrogen, 2 Sulphur and 25 Hydrogen spheres, or the Biochemistry Student Molecular Model Set (£23.52), comprising of 72 atoms and 50 links.

Another spectacular resource for both students ad teachers is the Basic Structures Individual Set (£28.75), comprising of 290 atoms, 190 bonds and a 24 page booklet covering all the basic structures.

Buckminsterfullerene C60 Kit Organic Chemistry Molecular Model SetOur Advanced Level Chemistry Molecular Modelling Kit (£26.40) is ideal for visualising complex molecular structures, while the Elementary Organic Molecular Model Set (£12.00) is fabulous for the young, chemistry enthusiast.

Also available: Buckminsterfullerene C60 Kit Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Set (£22.80), our Advanced Mini DNA Model (£28.80) and the Inorganic-Organic Molecule Student Set (£28.99). You can browse through more of our available molecule kits online.

With a total of nine different molecule kits to choose from, your chemical heart couldn’t want for anything more!

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