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Prism Wonderland at Curious Minds

A classic way to make a spectrum, the optical prism is a fun and educational toy helping kids understand what light is and how it works. The precision crafted acrylic Right Angle Prism (available from as little as £7.49) includes instructions to help you discover the secrets of prismatic effects.

Our Discovery Prism (from £10.75) is a 10 cm (4 inch) right-angled acrylic prism that will allow your child to discover light and ‘transform’ it into glorious colours. Ideal for physics and optic studies!

The Light Crystal Prism (from £7.49) is a high quality, 60 degree acrylic prism that will split a beam of light into a multi-coloured rainbow and reflect images into a wonderful kaleidoscope of patterns.

If you are looking for a glass prism, opt for the 4 inch long Optical Glass Prism (from £13.49) or the 6 inch long Optical Glass Prism (from £16.95). Both prism comes in an attractive presentation box, are made of high quality optical glass and can be used by knowledge thirsty children and teachers alike.

More options available online include our Round Wooden Prism (from as little as £6.00) and our Optical 2 Inch Glass Prism (available from £9.99). You can also find more Prism HERE.

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