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Shooting Rockets into Space

We haven’t met one curious mind that isn’t fascinated by rockets, so this week we want to introduce you to our range of flight and rocket kits.

Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory from only £12.99

A great hit with all kids of the ages 10 and up is our Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory, available from as little as £12.99! Kids will delve into the fun world of ball-istics and make Supersonic Bouncers and Cosmic Ray Launchers, all the while learning about elasticity, energy, motion and polymers.

The Flying Science Kit (£11.95) includes 9 flying projects (including a kite and parachute), enabling your child to both build awesome

Water Rocket Water Rocket from only £19.99

flying toys and learn the scientific principles and theories of flying behind each project.

Our Water Rocket Kit (£19.99) lets kids build a rocket out of a bottle, water and pump, and reaches heights of up to 30 meters while the Cosmic Rocket (£9.50) – powered by vinegar and baking soda - is a hands-on rocket launching kit ideal for the whole family.

Also available online is the Air and Water Powered Rokit (£19.75), our Electric Plane Launcher (£13.20) and the Hovercraft (£14.99).

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