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Spectacular Solar Radiometers from Curious Minds!

We are in the middle of a heat wave and the time to teach your children about Solar Radiometers has never been better!

Crookes Solar RadiometerHelp you children understand and have fun with what is happening right outside their bedroom windows with this amazing curiosity item. Invented by Sir William Crookes in 1873 and also known as a light mill, the Solar Radiometer is made of an airtight glass bulb. Inside this bulb you will find a set of what is called vanes, mounted on a spindle.

These vanes within the glass bulb will spin when exposed to light. The more intense the light it is exposed to, the faster the vanes will spin, giving a quantitative measurement of electromagnetic radiation intensity.

Seahorse Solar RadiometerAvailable on our Website is a range of Solar Radiometers including the Crookes' Solar Radiometer by Vogel, which has a total height of 15 cm and globe diameter of 8 cm, for only £26.50. If you are looking for something more fun, the Seahorse Solar Radiometer with a clear solar radiometer sphere and glass seahorse stand is perfect at only £26.40

Also available is the Solar Radiometer with a straight wood stem and traditional Thuringian hand-blown Radiometer double sphere with standglass. With a total height of 23 cm and a globe diameter of 8 cm, this curiosity item is available from only £35.00. If it is something more intricate that will attract the attention of your kids, our Radiometer Double Sphere with Stand is perfect. With two glass spheres, both made of crystal glass, and a crystal glass stand, this item is available from as little as £45.96.

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