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The Human Body

Our selection of educational models are perfect for learning about the human body, how it works, what the muscles look like and how internal organs are structured.

Get your very own life-sized skeleton model (available from £208.80) with detachable skull, a full set of permanent teeth, a removable cranium and moveable joints, or an awesome Torso Model (£72.00) depicting the superficial muscular and skeletal features of a young boy. Open the torso and explore the nervous, digestive, urinary, respiratory and circulatory systems.

You child can also explore the human brain with our Brain Anatomy Model (£16.95) and learn all about the human heart with the Soft Foam Cross-Section Heart Model (£10.80) or the Heart Anatomy Model (£16.95).

Explore the human body with the Half-sized Torso (£98.40) featuring 6 removable pieces

Brain Anatomy Model Brain Anatomy Model - Build knowledge of the human brain from only £16.95

(including lungs, liver, stomach and intestine) to reveal the internal structure, or teach your children about the human body by doing experiments with the Human Body Science Kit (£24.99).

Browse through our biological collection of educational toys focussing on the human body on our website and discover even more!

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