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Curious Minds Sells A Terrific Range Of Science KitsWe sell a fantastic range of science & nature gifts and gizmos for the science enthusiast in your life. We stock planetaria, optical quality glass prisms, Hero's steam engines, Crooke's radiometers, diffraction gratings, Chemistry kits, forensic kits, biology kits and all things science. Brands we work with include: Cambridge Brainbox Electronics, Thames & Kosmos, KidzLabs, 3M, Natural History Museum, to name but a few in our range. If you are looking for science gifts or science equipment, the Curious Minds Science shop is likely to stock it, and if we don't, please EMAIL US and let us know you want us to stock it.

Curious Minds Science Shop was founded in 2004 by scientists, from a garden shed with the objective of creating an online science shop to help parents and amateur scientists find good science equipment and kits. The Curious Minds Science Shop is still owned and run by science-loving scientists and continues to bring science to the whole wide world.

If you need help or advice on gifts or equipment you're thinking of buying, please EMAIL US or call us +44(0)1436670806, we'll go the extra light year to help you!

You can read more about us on our About Us page.

Wendy Hamilton BSc. PhD





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    Why Lego Is Such A Brilliant STEM Toy

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    LEGO is one of the world's most popular toys, and there's a good reason for that. The coloured blocks from that famous Danish company are unique in their ability to appeal to children and adults alike. From the very young to the old, the appeal of LEGO is quite universal; we all love it! But while adult fans of LEGO exist and are a quite prolific market for the company, children are still their main market. Lego is in essence, a toymaker -- but the company manages to create both wonderfully entertaining toys, as well as educational ones. Often in the same product! In this article, we will explore why we think LEGO is such a good educational toy.

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